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Engine Room is your best solution for Audio Mastering. Why? Because our approach to producing final CD Masters is unique. Hand selected analog equipment and digital systems that are matched for mastering the highest quality final product, in an atmosphere that is comfortable and tuned to acoustic perfection. By the time most artists and producers are ready for the mastering process to begin, they usually have lost a large degree of perspective. This is where Mark Christensen, Owner and Chief Mastering Engineer comes into play. Markís background as a signed artist to Interscope Records, Recording and Mix Engineer, Record Producer, and Mastering Engineer plays into his approach to making sure that your music is made to shine in itís proper genre. The music business is rapidly changing and becoming more competitive than ever. For that reason, itís essential that your final master sits alongside the biggest and best selling artist of today. Markís unique blend of mastering and artistic science†produces the highest quality final masters, that will stand up in volume and presence, without compromising dynamics and artistic integrity.


Not only does engine room offer top quality mastering, it's also home to a Class-A Recording and Mixing studio. The control room is directly tied into a phenomenal sounding live room, including vintage drums and a selection of top name guitar and bass amps. The studio is equipped with a Pro Tools HD3 Accell system with a host of plugins, including the Waves Diamond Bundle and many others. Engine Room also houses an Otari 24 Track 2 inch Analog Tape Machine for true analog recording! A fully automated and recallable Amek 88 Input Console, analog outboard gear from Universal Audio, Chandler Audio, Vintech Audio, TC Electronics, Avalon and many others. Rounding out the studio is a complimentary selection of top of the line Microphones including an original Telefunken 251, Manley Cardioid, Royer 121, and Neumann U-87.

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